Maternal Mental Health Week 4-10th May

Teenage & Younger Mums/Parents can experience mental health challenges associated with pregnancy, birth & parenting.

  • ‘Baby Blues’ – this can happen 2-3 weeks after the birth & generally go away after 2-3 weeks. Symptoms can be mood swings, tearfulness, anxiety, sadness, things feel too much, hard to fall asleep, low concentration.
  • Depression – this can happen during the pregnancy and after too.
  • Postpartum depression – This is when the ‘Baby blues’ do not disappear and is twice as likely in teenage mums.

 It is great to have a lovely baby – it can also be really hard work. Life changes and the responsibility can feel really tough. Changes in your body and the tiredness can create different feelings.
If you feel at a loss tell someone – share your feelings.
Our well-being team are here to support you.
Call our 10-10 phone line – 0800 144 8461
or email