JOB OPPORTUNITY: Senior Children Young People Emotional Health Practitioner
Job Types:  Part-time 2 days a week.
Salary: £27.000 pro rata per annum term-time plus (4 training development days outside of term time).
We are looking for an experienced, committed and motivated person to join our team to work with young people to support them to improve their emotional health. We do this through individual and group work and support them to access the support they need. Ideally we are looking for someone with a background in working with young people and previous mental health roles who can empower the young people we work with.
Closing Date: Monday 7th August 9.00am.
Interview Date: Friday 11 August 2023.

Full details and application procedures are available on our Job Vacancies Page Here

ACE is looking for Directors/Trustees

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We are currently re-opening for referrals for young people aged 10 to 25.
Please download the referral form here along with contact details.

A.C.E. supports young people to improve their emotional/mental health. Our Emotional Health Practitioners mainly work with young people individually. We also run some groups and work with the family if it will support the progress of the young person. We do not have a set programme of work but will listen to the young person, assess their needs, identify goals and support them to improve their emotional health and build resilience.

A.C.E. was founded in 2008 following a piece of research with vulnerable young people about their needs. A.C.E was designed by young people and young people continue to be involved in its development. In 2011 A.C.E. became a registered charity and has slowly grown over the years.

At any time 1:10 young people will be experiencing poor emotional health.
Any one can experience poor emotional health just like physical illness but the chance is increased with adverse childhood experiences.
Many of the young people we work with fail to reach the criteria for specialist mental health services but are experiencing a lot of distress.

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