Please share details of this great new Befriending scheme funded by Mind with any young people you think might be interested in accessing this training.

Please note this is only for the Lancaster & Morecambe area.

Contact details in flyer

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We are currently looking for a Young Persons Director and a Young Persons Consultant. The posts are available to any young person between 15-18 for the Director or 14-18 for the Consultant. Full details of each position are shown below. If you are interested in either of the positions please get in touch

A.C.E. supports young people to improve their emotional/mental health. Our Emotional Health Practitioners mainly work with young people individually. We also run some groups and work with the family if it will support the progress of the young person. We do not have a set programme of work but will listen to the young person, assess their needs, identify goals and support them to improve their emotional health and build resilience.

A.C.E. was founded in 2008 following a piece of research with vulnerable young people about their needs. A.C.E was designed by young people and young people continue to be involved in its development. In 2011 A.C.E. became a registered charity and has slowly grown over the years.

At any time 1:10 young people will be experiencing poor emotional health.
Any one can experience poor emotional health just like physical illness but the chance is increased with adverse childhood experiences.
Many of the young people we work with fail to reach the criteria for specialist mental health services but are experiencing a lot of distress.

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