April Stress Awareness Month


  • Stress is a usual part of being human.
  • It is a reaction that affects everyone.
  • At times it can be helpful as it can motivate us.
  • Stress can affect not only our emotional-wellbeing but also our physical-wellbeing.
  • When a situation becomes overwhelming our bodies respond.
  • The fight/flight or freeze response occurs.
  • Each person will find different situations stressful-there is no definite reason or response.

Differing Reactions (you may have others):

  • Over-thinking.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Fast breathing.
  • Feeling sick’
  • Feeling that you want to shut yourself away.
  • Getting angry when you wouldn’t usually.
  • Not sleeping or wanting to sleep more.
  • Using drugs/food/alcohol etc to change how you feel.

What can we do to support ourselves:

  • Talk to others (remember stress is a human reaction) and share how you are feeling.
  • Keep a diary of your thoughts.
  • Get up and go outside.
  • Exercise-either alone and or with others.
  • Meditation (breathing techinques
  • Stop what you are doing when the stress feelings/thoughts come in & do something different.
  • Go online to find a group either locally or elsewhere that offers support.