Individual Support

Individual support uses a variety of solution focused methods to encourage the young person or adult to identify and tackle the causes of poor emotional health and wellbeing and set goals to overcome them and build resilience.

The current support available includes Active Listening techniques using

  • art
  • drama or games
  • Life coaching
  • Counselling
  • Integrated Eye Movement Therapy.

Young people identify being listened to and challenged to think differently. It is not only a pleasant experience but motivates them to change things in their attitude and behaviour which improves their well being and builds resilience.

Peer Support Groups 

The Peer Support Group supports young people to improve their social and emotional skills, by focusing on different capabilities of social and emotional health. The participants build on existing strengths and develop new skills and abilities, change attitudes and motivation.

They learn to support each other within the group and extend this to other young people outside the group. Young people that have taken part identify increased confidence and self esteem, better relationships with friends and families, reduced use of alcohol or drugs, reduced self harming behaviours and increased resilience.

Who We Work With

ACE Gives Young People with poor emotional/mental Health a Voice

We gain the views of the young people we work with on a variety of mental health issues.

We support young people to access other services.