What young people told us that they would like parents to know about Self Harm

We are not self harming to hurt you or to get at you. We are not attempting suicide.  We are self harming because we are not coping with the emotions and thoughts that are caused by things that are or have happened in our lives and how we feel about ourselves

What not to do !              

How you can help us

  1. Do not shout or yell or scream at us
  2. Do not tell us off or punish us
  3. Do not spread it around the family
  4. Do not keep bringing it up
  5. Do not ask us loads of questions
  6. Do not jump to conclusions
  7. Do not turn it to being about you
  8. Do not check up on us or ask a teacher to
  9. Do not avoid potentially harmful situations,
  1. Do not panic. CALM DOWN
  2. Listen to us when we are ready to talk
  3. Maybe give us a hug
  4. Show you still care about us – maybe a hot chocolate
  5. Trust us
  6. Help us to set goals