Promoting positive mental health in our children and Young People event.

Below is a report of the above event from our Young Persons Director Sophie Rowicki who attended.

On Thursday 2 March I attended an event to launch local early intervention and emotional health and wellbeing pathways with two other young people called Alex and Natalia. This event was filled with a variety of different types of professions working with children and young people, the aims of the day was to establish the Lancashire North Children and Young People’s Mental Health Champion Network and explore existing self-help tools and resources.

This event outlined a transformation plan for Lancashire and young people resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental health, which included 49 recommendations to improve young people’s mental health services over the next five years. As a young person, I believe that this is a positive step forwarding to improving the key flaws such as improved access and greater focus on prevention which is what schools especially need as not all children are aware of what mental health is.

I feel as though this event was an amazing opportunity for me to give my input on local early intervention emotional health and wellbeing pathways, I believe that these local early intervention emotional health and wellbeing pathways relieves pressure from professionals as it goes through a large amount of different options and support which can be used before going to professionals as well as offers more awareness and develops a teaching workforce. I believe that the contributions which I made and the other young people made were taken on board and massively respected and consider as we are the individuals using these services it is vital to have some first-hand experience and knowledge.