A.C.E. delivers solution focussed interventions to suit the needs of individuals or groups. Our trained and experienced workers use discussions, games, art and craft, drama and role play, to increase resilience and improve emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

This service is currently available for young people aged 11 -25 in the Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth, Kirkham and Fleetwood and takes place in schools, GP surgeries and community settings.

We are seeking fund to extend the service to other areas and to children and adults.

Young people referred to the service are offered either individual support or group work to tackle the causes of poor emotional health and wellbeing and are encouraged to set goals to overcome them and build resiliance.

Our services include the following

Peer Support Groups 

The Peer Support Group supports young people to improve their social and emotional skills, by focusing on different capabilities of social and emotional health. The participants build on existing and develop new skills and abilities, change attitudes and motivation.
They learn to support each other within the group and extend this to other young people outside the group. Young people that have taken part identify increased confidence and self esteem, better relationships with friends and families, reduced use of alcohol or drugs, reduced self harming behaviours and increased resilience.

Giving Young People with poor emotional/mental Health a Voice

We gain the views of the young people we work with on a variety of mental health issues. We also:

  • Deliver peer research projects working with a group of young people to plan deliver and
  • analyse a consultation /research project around young people and mental health. Deliver workshops devised by young people for adults. Currently our workshops are: “working with emotionally vulnerable young people” “young people, mental health and stigma”
  • Our Health Action Groups provide young people with an opportunity to come together to share their ideas to improve health services and health education for young people.
  • Young people are trained to represent their peers in decision making and delivering solutions.
  • We train young people to become Emotional Health Peer Coaches
  • We support young people to access other services.

Who we work with.


A.C.E. predominately works with young people aged 11 –25 that:


Need Support with their emotional health and wellbeing

  • Do not reach the CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) criteria for referral.
  • Are waiting for specialist mental health intervention and need current support
  • Have completed specialist intervention but need short term additional support

A.C.E. works with young people that are suffering from anxiety or stress, are or have been bullied, are having difficulty coping with their emotions, have been involved in a domestic, violent situation,
have difficult family situations, have friendship difficulties, have relationship difficulties, have low mood or have low self esteem or confidence. 

A.C.E. also works with parents/carers and families to improve emotional health where appropriate.

Individual Support


Individual support uses a variety of solution focused methods to encourage the young person or adult to identify and tackle the causes of poor emotional health and wellbeing and set goals to overcome them and build resilience.

The current support available includes Active Listening techniques using art, drama or games; Life coaching; Counselling and Integrated Eye Movement Therapy.

Young people identify being listened to and challenged to think differently. It is not only a pleasant experience but motivates them to change things in their attitude and behaviour which improves their well being and builds resilience.

Why we do it

Positive emotional health and wellbeing supports general health and achievement in life. Evidence shows that focusing on supporting emotional and social development can have a positive long term impact. We have evidence that our work makes a positive difference to the lives of the young people we work with by:

  • Improving emotional health and wellbeing
  • Improving Low Mood
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Improving confidence
  • Building resilience
  • Improving relationships
  • Enabling them to better manage their emotions
  • Enabling them to better manage their behaviour
  • Reduce Anxiety

This results in better school attendance and achievement, better support network and more friends, improved family relationships, a reduction or ceasing of self harming behaviours and a more active lifestyle and community involvement

How we do it

We are:

  • Non-judgemental
  • Supportive
  • Accessible
  • Qualified and experienced
  • Committed to putting children, young people and families at the heart of our work
  • Fully safeguarding compliant



  • Active listening
  • Coaching skills
  • Group work skills
  • Solution focused goal setting

Our Directors


Sally Temple

Operations Director

David Tyson

Chair of Directors

John Heath

Finance Volunteer

Paul Callis

PR & Marketing Director

Joanne Johnson


Cocoa Mudgal

Chris Welsby

Chris Welsby

Angela Cade

Angela Cade


Leila Mitchell

Young Persons Director

James Fox


Our Admin Staff


Beverley Walker


Lucy Reynolds


Our Staff & Volunteer Workers


Rehanna Hassan

Emotional Health Practitioner

Julia Efstathiou

Emotional Health Practitioner

Glyn Fowler

Emotional Health Practitioner

Anna Peri

Emotional Health Practitioner

Cath Corless

Emotional Health Practitioner

Julianne Dougherty

Emotional Health Practitioner

Sarah Emslie

Volunteer Emotional Health Practitioner

Kit Cooper

Volunteer Emotional Health Practitioner

Sarah Rigby

Emotional Health Practitioner

Rowan Cleet

Volunteer Emotional Health Practitioner

You can view more details about the background and experience of our Staff, Volunteers and Directors on the Team Members Page here


As a small charity we are always looking for new Trustees to get involved and support our work. We are currently looking for volunteers with the following skills: strategic business planning, financial management, marketing, ICT/social media, fundraising/bid writing and administration.

We are also always looking for volunteer fundraisers and people to help deliver the service. Please visit our volunteer information page here for more details

Please feel free to contact us using the form here to find out more about how you can get involved.


  • My emotional health has improved greatly since starting. I feel like a completely different person now and can’r believe how differently I handle situations. I really liked the relaxed setting because it allowed me to speak freely about anything without feeling judged or rushed

    Young Person (March 2018)

  • The strategies and having someone to open up to took a lot of the worry and upset off my chest. Increased resilience and confidence when faced with a hard situation enabled me to feel better about myself and identify the qualities I have as a friend and as a person. I am a lot happier, I am able to help others and give something back. Thank you for all the help-so amazing. I definitely recommend

    Young Person (December 2017)

  • A-C-E are very easy to talk to which allowed our daughter to open up about her feelings and worries. Setting her tasks each week gave her motivation to overcome situations. She is a different girl which is lovely to see.

    Parent (April 2018)

  • Very professional service with quick turn around between referral and initial assessment. Excellent at arranging appointments and information sharing whilst maintaining confidentiality. The service provided has been brilliant which has led us to submit more referrals to support our young people’s improvement in emotional health and well being. Thank you for your continued support. We would like more of your service

    High School (August 2017)

New Funding from the Westminster Foundation

We have been successful in securing funding from the Westminster Foundation for a family worker to join the Ace team . This will enable us to work more comprehensively with young people AND their families , where it is difficult to help improve the young person’s emotional health without family input . Thank you Westminster Foundation …

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Sad News

Ace wishes to extend its best wishes to the family and friends of Gill Murphy who sadly passed away recently . Gill was doing some admin work with Ace and will be missed from our office to which she bought humour and goodwill. Many thanks to those who attended the celebration of her life where £230 was …

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Summer 2020 Newsletter

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Men’s Mental Health Awareness Week

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National Growing for Wellbeing Week 2020

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Mental Health Awareness Week 18 – 24 May 2020

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Dying Matters Week 11 – 17 May 2020

The effects of Grief and Bereavement can have a considerable effect on our lives – particularly in these challenging times. These effects can sometimes be prolonged and Traumatic for us and be categorised as ‘Complicated Grief’. Losing a loved one is one of the most distressing and, unfortunately, common experiences people face. Most people experiencing …

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Maternal Mental Health Week 4-10th May

Teenage & Younger Mums/Parents can experience mental health challenges associated with pregnancy, birth & parenting. ‘Baby Blues’ – this can happen 2-3 weeks after the birth & generally go away after 2-3 weeks. Symptoms can be mood swings, tearfulness, anxiety, sadness, things feel too much, hard to fall asleep, low concentration. Depression – this can …

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April was Stress Awareness Month

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April Stress Awareness Month

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