Does President Trump Know

Does President Trump Know?

That very few people with mental illness are violent. In fact people with mental illness are ten times more likely to be bullied or physically attacked than the average person.

A.C.E. is a locally charity that works with young people with poor emotional health or mental illness. None of the young people we work with show violent tendencies. Most of them just want to be like other young people, fit in and have friends. In fact, they are some of the bravest young people I have met. Many of them spend every day managing their symptoms which can range from extreme anxiety which makes them afraid to do anything to low mood where they don’t have the energy to do normal things.

Some of the young people that A.C.E. works with, together with other young people with mental illness have joined with young people lucky enough not to have mental illness to showcase their talents and entertain adults and young people on Saturday March 10th. The event is also supported by the popular band the Manfredies. The music will range from classical, rap, punk to popular. At the same time the event will raise funds for the many young people waiting for support to help them get well or mange their symptoms better.

Come and join in the fun from 7.00pm to midnight on Saturday March 10th at the Apothecary in Lancaster.

Tickets are available on line for £5 or £3  from or phone 07468 600 903